Feed Me Has Remixed ‘Strobe’ By Deadmau5 And It’s Huge!

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Feed Me Has Remixed ‘Strobe’ By Deadmau5 And It’s Huge!

Jon Gooch – aka Feed Me – has had a pretty big 2016 thus far, with the release of Feed Me’s Family Reunion EP back in July showing an exhilarating new angle of his musical finesse.

Maintaining that momentum, Feed Me has gone full-nostalgia mode, playing an unreleased rework of the Deadmau5 classic ‘Strobe’ over the weekend that has the hairs on our arms standing all the way up.

The surprising debut of the remix was filmed by Kill The Noise who uploaded it on Twitter for all to view and enjoy. Though there is no comment on a release date, it is rumoured that it may wind up on the forthcoming mau5trap 100 EP.

Check out the video right here and enjoy.


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