#WhenTheBeatDrops: Unoriginality Takes A New Low

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#WhenTheBeatDrops: Unoriginality Takes A New Low

It’s like Flo Rida had a moment of genius after selling his Beamz and was all like “Hey yo, you know when Bauuer had that ‘Harlem Shake’ dance and everyone made videos? Why don’t we do something similar to that but rather than people doing something funny, they all just fucking drop to the ground?” Great idea! Pure genius, I just wonder why didn’t I think of that (said no one ever).

The original plot of this stunt was created via Martin Garrix’s single ‘Animal’ with instructions that may have been planted on Be The Rave, telling users to make a video with everyone dropping to  the ground (to the Garrix song specifically) and the hashtag #WhenTheBeatDrops stooping to a new low in originality. The only positive out of this whole saga is, the song is pretty dope.

Are teenagers getting dumber or is social media getting dumber? I don’t quite know, but what I do know is social media is making teenagers look dumber. I think the unlucky burden of the ‘Facebook generation’ is that they will always have a camera eyeing them down as it becomes more and more the ‘norm’ to show off, every stack of the way for their peers and general public to ridicule.


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