Visionist – I’m Fine EP [Lil City Trax]

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Visionist – I’m Fine EP [Lil City Trax]

Straight off the back of featuring in FACT Mix #398, Lost Codes boss Visionist has released his ‘I’m Fine’ EP on DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn and J-Cush‘s Lil City Trax, also featuring Fatima Al Qadiri. As to be expected, his collaboration with DIS-mag writer and artist Ms Al-Qadiri is a straight highlight, a considerately minimal and efficiently ornate post-grime arabesque with a serpentine bassline and spectral synth voices, where the rest of the EP yields Visionist’s inimitably gutted sound: five tracks of footwork, grime and R&B elements rent in tessellating, gyroscopic 3D, most clearly in the cybernetic heartacher ‘Pain’, and the quantum rollige of ‘I Don’t Care’. Recommended.


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