Spark: A ‘Burning Man’ Story Soundtrack

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Spark: A ‘Burning Man’ Story Soundtrack


The draw of top dance producers to the Nevada Desert to an extreme climate gathering hosted by a unique group of artists never ceases to amaze us. At an event where ticket price is solely spent on keeping people alive and ‘leaving no trace’ seems to often have a lineup better than the biggest, priciest party decks. The week long city offers a life-changing platform for musician, artists, and freethinkers, to express themselves virtually hidden to the world. No one may ever know what happens inside the dust storms on the playa, but we surely know that it sounds magical.

Consisting of a select few ‘sound camps’ Burning Man has quickly become a hot spot to brush shoulders with just about any and every walk of life. Stories trickle down the grapevine of Armin Van Buuren the world’s number 1 DJ passing out in a sandy tent while P Diddy sweated off his rolls to the most underground deep house. Once a place for a select few dedicated friends has become an experience cherished by burners hiding in plain sight. Maybe they suit up for Wall St most of the year but that one late summer week they miraculously end up wandering the rave desert naked. on a bike. at 9 am. while Major Lazer plays in the distance.


Since most of us really aren’t ready for the responsibility of most likely waking up in India after an out of body experience in Black Rock City, Steve Brown and Jessie Deeter have graciously inhaled plenty of playa dust to film their recently released documentary ‘Spark: A Burning Man Story’ that hit shelves earlier this year. Since you had to sell your flat screen TV to buy Coachella tickets they also released a soundtrack (we know you couldn’t give up the iPhone). With a track list that is nothing short of legendary we really don’t have words to describe this album.

A blend of original and dance floor favorites let the tunes do the talking. Passion and music go hand in hand and the playa experience embodies all of the above. Sunrise sets at Robot Heart are nothing short of iconic… if you know, you know. So if you’re not afraid of a bit of sand in you knickers don’t wait, get involved with your local Burn crew. There is know doubt that someone near you is hiding in a cramped cubicle near you just waiting for next August, waiting to don ass-less chaps and ski goggles one again, waiting to experience the epiphany that is Burning Man.

Spark – Day Album Tracklisting
1. Rudimental – Feel The Love feat. John Newman
2. Cazzette – Heroes
3. Tycho – Coastal Brake
4. Marcus Andersson & Alex Talan – The Event
5. Scoredraw – Dubstep Dark
6. Michael Franti & Spearhead – Let It Go feat. Ethan Tucker
7. Missy Higgins – We Ride
8. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Man On Fire
9. Crystal Fighters – Wave
10. Damian Lazarus & Mathew Jonson – Going To The Desert
11. Amanda Palmer – In My Mind feat. Brian Viglione
12. Scoredraw – Quietly Happy

Spark – Night Album
1. Hot Chip – Flutes (Sasha Remix)
2. The Scumfrog – Running
3. Michael Franti – Let It Go feat. Ethan Tucker (Stanton Warriors Remix)
4. Pachanga Boys – Time
5. Colombo – Summit
6. Diplo – Express Yourself feat. Nicky Da B
7. Ginger And The Ghost – One Type Of Dark (Ta-Ku Remix)
8. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Man On Fire (Adam Freeland Remix)
9. Benoit & Sergio – Principles
10. Infected Mushroom – Scorpion Frog
11. Colombo – Clubbing
12. Joe Smooth – Promised Land


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