Lunice: Dear Rich Ignorant People, Stop Complaining

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Lunice: Dear Rich Ignorant People, Stop Complaining

Lunice has struck out at the local Sydney council for forcing the sound of his set as TNGHT with Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke at the first stop of the Listen Out parties to be turned down mid-performance.

Attendees watching the set at the tail end of Listen Out would have noticed the sound drop what could have seemed like between 5-10 decibels at the half way mark of their performance unbeknown to the rap producer.

He took to his Twitter feed post show to point the finger at the local council for forcing the sound down to levels probably a little too quiet for festival goers even though the show was still as exiting and hyped as expected. Taking things further he boldly proclaimed “Dear rich ignorant people: stop complaining” – a jib at the local residents who would have had notice of the party many months in advance and had been aware the party would finish around 10:00pm, not entirely late for a Saturday evening.

It does raise the question of suitable volume levels for a party or festival and how to combat this. Would it be worth moving to a new location? Putting bass acts on earlier in the evening?

All in all though the party was a success with stand out performances from Yahtzel, Hayden James, Laura Jones, a really enjoyable live set from John Talabot, Miguel Campbell, Duke Dumont and many more. The Listen Out parties continue through Australia with two more stops; Melbourne, Oct 5th and Brisbane, Oct 6th.

Azealia Banks did spit the dummy after having a few things thrown at her and cut her set short by 3 songs… although we sort of expected some sort of drama around the Harlem based rapper.

Check out Lunice’s tweets below.


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