Jon Hopkins & Purity Ring – Breathe The Air / Amenamy [Domino]

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Jon Hopkins & Purity Ring – Breathe The Air / Amenamy [Domino]

Straight off the back of releasing his outstanding Immunity record earlier this year, London producer Jon Hopkins has recruited Purity Rings‘ Megan James for a new version of ‘Breathe The Air’, and a remix of her ‘Amenamy’.

The collaborative duo performed live at Los Angeles’ Honda Theatre on August 27 and 28, where only 175 limited edition 12″s of these tunes were given out for free on a first come, first serve basis. To the best of my knowledge the vinyl is unavailable to buy if you didn’t score it at the event  (correct me if I’m wrong), but the A-side has been released separately and is available to buy here.

Also, any Perth peeps should definitely check out Slanted and Enchanted in December where the don is headlining The Bakery. ♥


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