Grime Battle Royale; Wiley, Footsie, Preditah, Plastician and more

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Grime Battle Royale; Wiley, Footsie, Preditah, Plastician and more

Over the past couple of weeks summer has slowly faded from Europe, and in true fashion following the Outlook and Dimensions festivals, grime seems to be at war again.

Big dons of grime such as WileyPreditah, Rapid, Footsie and other UK veterans like Plastician have joined in the push for change after Bless Beats – best known for producing the beat behind Wiley‘s ‘Wearing My Rolex’ – addressed a few producers on Twitter by posting a track titled ‘Wardub’ that highlighted the distinct similarities within their individual work.

Since then we’ve seen pretty much half of the mainstream grime establishment respond to the tune, each posting their own productions aimed at singling out other artists’ repetitive and unoriginal sound.

Shizznit was the first to respond with a track that criticised and brought songs from the likes of Jammer, Preditah, Rude Kid and Teddy Music into the limelite with their audio tattoos that all utilised the same melody from Wiley’s ‘Where’s My Brother’.

We then saw a tune by Preditah and the hugely-underrated Nocturnal, who used some samples from ‘Top Boy’ and ‘Forefather’ from Kano and Benga on a beat that he claimed was “a quick one”, but banged a lot harder than Bless Beats and Shizznit’s. Bad form.

The news comes just after Daleri slammed Beatport on how it’s top 100 is failing, by putting together a minute-long mini-mix of 16 of the site’s most over-compressed, predictable and unimaginative electro tracks, to show how producers are beginning to sound the same. But did we think this would apply to grime? No.

From a style that laid its foundations on rappers’ creative spirit and imagination, we’re surprised to see that the new arrival of instrumental and non-instrumental grime has sparked hate from the genre’s mainstays.

Nonetheless, check out the war dubs from Plastician, SpookyDeeco, Splurt Diablo (again) and more below via grimeforum who last night accumulated them all into one big compilation for your convenience.

Listen to the one’s I’ve mentioned in particular; do you agree that this new influx of grime may have unintentionally prompted artists to sound the same, or have grime producers always been discretely sampling others’ work, just like other genres? Leave ya comments below!


More Wardub’s have surfaced since writing this, including onslaughts from Keysound‘s Wen, InkkeJMEStarkey, Visionist, Kahn & Neek. Check them below. This is great!

via FACT


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