Floria – Yet Another Dimension To Australian Dance Music

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Floria – Yet Another Dimension To Australian Dance Music


Dance music in Australia is at all all time creative high. Diverse and in a constant state of growth, our scene is developing into something truly exciting. Motez’s bass-led house, Cosmo’s Midnight’s ethereal grooves, and Wave Racer’s shimmering bass music are fast becoming vital touchstones in the country’s dance music identity, but there are others killing it all over the place. Shift your gaze over to Brisbane and you’ll see a young techno producer called Floria casting a jagged shadow over the abundance of chillwave in the city.

After a few years playing drums for an internationally touring hardcore band, Floria still couldn’t shake the feeling of Daft Punk’s 2007 Alive tour. It wasn’t long before he dropped the sticks, dusted off a synthesiser and started making some seriously visceral techno. Interestingly, Floria actually had a childhood friendship with the boys from Cosmo’s Midnight; a random encounter on Tumblr brought the three of them back together not too long ago. As strange as it is that all three of them ended up making electronic music, what’s more interesting is that they’re excelling on opposite ends of the dance music spectrum. I’m not sure whether a collaboration between the two would result in glory or disaster, but it’s certainly a relationship that bookends Australia’s dance music scene quite nicely.


Stoney Roads contributor and FBi Radio presenter Sandro Dallarmi asked Floria to feature in this week’s edition of his mix/interview series, Fade Up. Each week, Fade Up plonks you opposite an exciting Australian producer on a totally sexy first date. There’s always a bit of chatting, but mostly just electronic music playing really loudly. You can read a brief interview with Floria below, or click through to hear the full radio interview and exclusive minimix that were played on Sandro’s show, The Mixing Bowl, last Saturday night.

Sandro Dallarmi :: A lot of Australia’s electronic music underground has reacted to the festival-sized ‘EDM’ sound by heading to off-kilter, hip hop influenced stuff. Despite this, your sound is unashamedly vicious. What made you want to make this type of music?

Floria :: Wow thank you, vicious is a great word for it. I never intended on making any specific genre or style of music. When I get behind the synth whatever comes out comes out. As I’ve matured my personality has become more confident and assertive so I think that shows. Where as 4 years ago I used to make ambient electronica. I worshiped Gold Panda, and also played drums in screamo bands hahaha.

S :: How did you get into this whole music production thing anyway?

F :: Ever since I saw Daft Punk’s Alive tour 2007 I wanted to produce music but I didn’t know how. So I quit school and studied audio engineering and it blossomed from there.

S :: You’re from Brisbane. What’s the scene like up there? Are there many opportunities for people like yourself?

F :: There’s a decent scene up here, great people. But not for what I’m doing. Chillwave is the big thing here right now. Which I love when done well so I’ll go to shows, but not so much opportunity for myself up here unfortunately. I’ve gotta come down to Sydney! That’s where it’s at, I’d love to check out a Motorik party.

Minimix and full interview are this-a-way.

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