Empire Of The Sun – DNA (Remixes) [EMI]

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Empire Of The Sun – DNA (Remixes) [EMI]

How’s this for a lineup? Calvin Harris, Alex Metric, Brodinski, Yuksek, The M Machine, The Aston Shuffle and Ta-ku – the A-list of names comprising Empire of the Sun‘s official ‘DNA’ remix EP, released today via EMI Australia.

Arguably the best tune off their ‘Ice On The Dune’ record earlier this year, Calvin Harris and The Aston Shuffle expectedly crank up the party atmosphere on their remixes, while The M Machine and Brodinski have decided to add more darker club weight to it. And although Alex Metric’s synth-driven feel-good remix seems to have gained the most applause off the release so far, unsurprisingly Ta-ku tops it for me. Turning the original upside down, I first heard it on his Triple J mix with Lewi McKirdy a couple of months ago and it is absolute fire. He’s been dubbed an ‘up and coming trap artist’ by Earmilk, but hmm I’m not sure bout dat.

Check them all out though – what’s your fave?


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