Artists Respond To Electric Zoo Drug Tragedy; “Rave Kids Be Safe” – Boys Noize

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Artists Respond To Electric Zoo Drug Tragedy; “Rave Kids Be Safe” – Boys Noize

Five EZoo fans proudly display the word ‘MOLLY’ on their fluruo singlets ahead of the tragedy at this years festival.

Following the sad news of the two deaths and four hospitalised at this years Electric Zoo tragedy and the following cancellation of the third day comes a swathe of responses from concerned artists both playing at the festival and from within the dance community.

The final word from a majority is that it’s about safety, education and looking out for your friends, all key aspects when talking about an unregulated product being used by largely uneducated masses.

My heart is broken reading this. I send out my thoughts and love to the friends and family. This is such a tragic thing to happen to these people. Please PLEASE will you all be careful. I am so so sorry to read this – Proxy

Music is the strongest drug ever. It’s also 100% safe. Keep doing music. – Dada Life

Ahhh. Just arrived in New York directly from Burning Man to find out the tragic news about the deaths of some attendees of Electric Zoo festival. The festival has been cancelled and hence we will not be performing today. Our thoughts go out the family and friends of these unfortunate people. Please everyone remember to have fun but safety first. – Yolanda Be Cool

You do not need drugs to rave. – Anna Lunoe

RAVE KIDS please BE SAFE – Boys Noize

Just heard about the tragic deaths and injuries at Electric Zoo Festival in NYC this weekend. Our thoughts go out to their friends and families. – Avicii

My thoughts are with the family and friends of Jeffrey Russ and Olivia Rotondo. This scene is amazing because of the music and the people – not drugs. Dance music is about celebrating life. – Tiesto

It was Bassnector who furthered the touchy subject with some real advice from an artist that has probably seen his fair share of punters under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  His advice? give your nervous system a break by reducing the amount of each or even trying to take a night off and see how things go.

How best to say this? Life is extremely precious! If you wanna get wild out in the heat, make sure you drink plenty of water and if you are planning to get high or drink alcohol, be careful with yourself. No need to overdue it or get sloppy or reckless with your nervous system, maybe try taking half as much, and letting life’s natural magic work it’s charms or maybe try a night off and see if you can have just as much fun without getting high. Also I think it’s fun to spend time lookin out for other people so if everyone out there takes a few moments out of their evening to doing something sweet for someone else, everyone is better off. Drugs are a tricky topic, but remember your health and safety is in your hands, so make good decisions.

At the end of the day people will drink alcohol and experiment with drugs regardless of the legalities, so there needs to be more genuine facts and information shared with potential users to help the safety of the public and saving of lives now and not the knee-jerk reaction and legislation put in place.

It’s events like these that can potentially muddy and void the greater scene. We for one hope this is a serious wake up call to those who intend to take drugs to be more careful with you and your friends lives.

Drugs are dangerous. Education is key.


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