Matthew Dear – Slowdance EP [Ghostly International]

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Matthew Dear – Slowdance EP [Ghostly International]

One of the highlights from ‘Black City’, backed with ace remixes by How To Dress Well, Todd Edwards and Bear In Heaven, plus remixes of ‘You Put A Smell On Me’ by Nicolas Jaar, Photo Call and Breakbot, and mixes of ‘LIttle People’ by Mark E and Sascha Dive, plus one exclusive new track ‘Innh Dahhh’. Codeine-laced and barely standing, ‘Slow Dance’ is a curious confection of sickly sweet synths, Matthew Dear‘s ever more confident vocals and sludged beats. On the beautiful HTDW remix Tom Krell remakes the track with the added bonus of his dramatic yet spectral vocals, sounding like they were recorded in his mum’s basement. Equally brilliant but on a very different tip, Nicolas Jaar‘s remix of ‘You Put A Smell On Me’ plays it ultra-cool and suave with intuitive edits and that inimitably iced sound sphere.


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