Kaytranada Hypnotizes With His “Mix of R&B, Hip Hop and a Bit of 80’s Sauce”

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Kaytranada Hypnotizes With His “Mix of R&B, Hip Hop and a Bit of 80’s Sauce”

Kaytranada is currently on the back end of his AUS/NZ tour alongside fellow Canuck Ryan Hemsworth, and was cool with sparing some of his down-time to chat with us before rounding out his Australian dates and even more importantly releasing a debut album ‘Kaytrathomas’ sometime early 2014.

Showcasing such a unique sound (in particular that bass) we wanted to find out how things were going with the Canadian beat maker. Understandably he was exhausted, yet possessing a ‘so far so good’ attitude reflecting the overwhelming success of his trip downunder with the help of close friends Brown Bear Entertainment.

An easy place to start (we thought) was trying to figure out where his sounds sit as an artist with a release on Brodinski’s Bromance label as part of a b-side with fellow hyper-experimental producer Suicideyear.

“It will make you hypnotized, you’ll want to dance straight away. It’s like a mix of R&B and Hip Hop with a bit of sauce of the 80s on top”

We liked the sound of that…

With such a strong discography behind his name we also pondered the age old question; what were his favourite tracks to produce? Be it his passion for creating new original tunes or the joy of remixing, the result was less about either or, more a focus on his creativity;

“I don’t have a preference really. Remixes are easier because you know the original song in terms of what to add next to make the remix complete. To make an original is the hardest thing ever. Especially when you have no creative juices, it’s just impossible to do. But at the same time, you need to keep creating.”

Moving forward Kay’ lowered his guard and shared with us artists he is digging at the moment with names that’d probably fly under the radars of the most switched on dance heads with a big shout out to his Canadian brethren;

“Right now I really love music by Sango, Falcons is really cool too. I really love Mr Carmack too. And a guy called Kaelin Ellis, he’s not known too much yet. Montreal acts like DA-P and High Classified and like they are all my dudes. They are the people you should check out. Everyone on the WRC Management roster. Shout outs to WRC!”

Kaytranada is looking to finish the tour strong with only two shows left, both double headliners with Ryan Hemsworth; firstly to Perth at The Bakery tonight (sold out!!) and rounding things up in Sydney at Chinese Laundry (31st).

Big thanks to Kay for his time and to Brown Bear Entertainment.


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