J:Kenzo – Bloodlines EP [Tempa]

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J:Kenzo – Bloodlines EP [Tempa]

One of dubstep’s biggest labels Tempa Records has just released J:Kenzo‘s newest EP titled Bloodlines.

What’s striking about J:Kenzo’s tracks is how few elements they contain, but how powerfully each is utilised – previous Tempa singles such as The Roteks and Ruffhouse reduce dubstep to the barest essentials required to shake a dancefloor to the foundations. Each of the tracks on the Bloodlines EP takes a drastically different approach – from the Blade Runner-esque synths of Enter Valarak to the ultra-percussive whirlwind of Ricochet, and from the pulsating and direct Cause And Effect to the dark bass stabs of title track Bloodlines. [Rinse]



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