Flux Pavilion quits social media for now to pursue passion

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Flux Pavilion quits social media for now to pursue passion

Flux Pavilion has had enough of social media and announced that he will be on hiatus for a while.

In a statement ironically on social media platform Facebook, the dubstep producer outlined his feelings:

“I have taken it upon myself to give up social media. every vine/twitter/instagram fills a space in my life that could be filled with writing music or delving into projects that essentially mean alot more than a bunch of likes on website I dont really care about. What i do care about is writing music and the people that music means something to, if that is you then thanks for getting me where i am today. I endeavour to keep working on pieces that mean something to me, all else pales in significance. I am what i write and i write what i am. That is all i have to give.”

With a mixed response from the statement from his fans Flux continued:

“I dont want anyone to think I dont care about all of you music lovers out there. Social media is great, and has been incredibly important not just for my career but electronic music in general, it has given us our own world to build however we like, freedom to express ourselves and share our ideas and art with each other. Its a powerful thing.”

This reflection raises the question of what is a healthy productivity medium for an artist between social media and their creative role? One could argue that some artists gain more fans through their personality than their music. Take a look at Dillon Francis and his use of humour or sometimes the occasional male or female dj who show you lots of their skin?

On the issue of Flux Pavilion, Mark Zuckerberg is probably sitting behind his desk reading it going “Oh he’ll be back. They always come back. muhahahahaha”


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