Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont — Safe With You [Ministry of Sound]

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Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont — Safe With You [Ministry of Sound]

Dance behemoths Alex Metric and Jacques Lu Cont have teamed up on Ministry of Sound to create the ultimate electro summer anthem with a little help from one of Niki & The Dove‘s members Malin.

First premiered as a dub remix on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show last month, this proper version (without any DJs talking over it) features joy-laden vocals from Niki & The Dove’s Malin Dahlström and manages to harness all the things that make my perfect dancefloor banger; slowburn intro, suspenseful chords, hint of melancholy quickly giving way to eventual euphoria and an uplifting chorus that everyone can shout along to (even if it does include the line “I’ll break my back for you”…gay). I’ve really gone off ‘EDM’ lately, but this one doesn’t do too badly in what seems like a never-ending world of electronic shit. Peep it!


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