ABLETON LIVESCHOOL: Free Drum Sample Pack – 808 X Fairchild Compressor

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ABLETON LIVESCHOOL: Free Drum Sample Pack – 808 X Fairchild Compressor

Roland 808

Ableton Liveschool recently got together with Studios 301 and ran the world’s most famous drum machine (the Roland 808) through a $40,000 compressor and a $300,000 mixing console to create you this custom built pack of samples, also presented as an Ableton Live drum rack version and if you didn’t catch the headline – we’re giving it away free for your beat producing pleasure. Read on for some quick details of the recording process and gear, or jump to the end for the download.



The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer needs little introduction. Since it’s launch in 1980, it’s legendary sounds have been used more than any other drum machine and across a whole range of genres. Originally the 808 was marketed to musicians making demos and was intended to take the place of a drummer, so as you can imagine, it flopped – because the booming synthesized drums sound nothing like real life drummer. Soon enough though, pioneering producers were picking up TR-808s from the music store bargain bins and started using them for more electronic focused sounds, with the 808’s sound quickly becoming integral to rap, techno, RnB and more recently Trap.



Of course there’s a lot of sample packs of the Roland 808 out there, but no one’s ever made one with the luxury of being able to run it through the legendary Fairchild 670 compressor (which goes for $40, 000 on the second hand market). Lucky for us, the only Fairchild 670 in Australia happens to belong to our good friends at Studios 301 who have it housed as part of their luxurious Studio 2 facilities. While preparing to teach our next Mixing and Mastering course, Ableton Certified trainer (and Studios 301 manager) Anthony Garvin took an original Roland TR-808, patched it into a SSL 9000K console (a $300,000 mixing desk!), ran it out from the SSL into the Fairchild 670 Compressor and then finally captured the recordings in Ableton Live using an Apogee Rosetta 200 DAC interface. The results – possibly the very best 808 sample pack any of us have ever heard!



In the download pack there’s also an Ableton Drum Rack loaded with the 808 samples, created by Liveschool’s Ableton Certified Trainer Adam Maggs. The drum rack has extra macro features allowing you to easily swap between different kick or snare sounds, as well as options for additional limiting, noise reduction, drum length and drum tuning.

Anyhow enough tech talk, all you really need to know is that this is the 808 recorded through some of the best equipment in the country and sounding better than it ever has before. Download it here (or click the image above) and use it to make some amazing music – we hope you have as much fun using as we had creating it!

Adam Maggs and Anthony Garvin both teach at Liveschool’s Mixing and Mastering course, in which students learn world class mixing techniques and secrets from an all-star line up of engineers and artists, resulting in students achieving clarity and a professional sound in their own mixes. This course runs in conjunction with Studios 301 (most of the classes happen at the Studios 301 premises).

Next intake: check here.

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