Why the new Laidback Luke documentary is awesome

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Why the new Laidback Luke documentary is awesome

Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke is doing it right via a documentary showing you the perspective of his lifestyle.

Although a lot of documentaries related to djs in recent years have glamorised a party lifestyle, this one tells the real and honset story behind the dutch producers life on the road and family.

Laidback Luke is the son of a Filipino mother and Dutch father. What you begin to learn in this documentary is the influences from his mother and fathers side and how it has contributed to who he is today and the music that he creates. What’s refreshing is he doesn’t try and dodge any questions. He admits his music is cheesy but draws a conclusion that the influence could have been drawn from his mother and Filipino’s love for that commercial style of music.

The most engaging DJ documentary I have watched so far with an honest outlook on the world of a travelling producer.


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