Preview Pretty Lights full album ‘A Color Map of the Sun’

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Preview Pretty Lights full album ‘A Color Map of the Sun’

Pretty Lights, the anti-christ of American EDM will release ‘A Color Map of the Sun’ his new offering July 2nd.

For the time being submerge yourself in a preview of the entire record, which unlike previous releases relied heavily on the creation of beats versus the more obvious sampling that has been present in modern dance productions.

Smith is said to have built or used a custom modular synth for a variety of the tracks throughout the album and also re-recorded a ton of the lyrical content to bring a fresh take to things.

Strangely enough the album, with all its original content will be available for free download next week through the official Pretty Lights website.

To really get behind the ‘A Color of the Sun’ watch Thump’s mini-doco that was purportedly recorded more by Smith’s girlfriend than anyone but still interesting all the same.


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