Pretty Lights Has A New Album On The Way!

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Pretty Lights Has A New Album On The Way!

After a fair while laying low, Pretty Lights has confirmed a new album is in the works!

The confirmation came in the way of a rare interview Derek Vincent Smith had with the Denver post, where he touches on the release of a new project.

“I’m really excited about what I’m working on. I’ve got an album that’s almost ready. It’s slated for an early 2017 release. It’s not just a music record — I’m actually making a film with it, as well.”

This album/film is looking like it will be ready fairly soon as well, with the post alluding to the album being released as early as April 20, 2017.

Speaking further on the new project, Smith said “I’m trying to make a film and a record that’s really about the connection of people — the amazing things that happen between people on the same frequency. It will be an episodic thing that makes a full piece. Every song has an episode.

It connects to my episodic music festival. When I was booking that tour, I wanted to call it ‘The Weekend’s Episodic Festivals.’ I didn’t know why I wanted to call it that, but it’s all going together. Every festival, we’d have a film shoot that became the building blocks of these episodic film pieces. It’s pretty (cool).”

Check out the original interview with Denver Post right here.

(Via Dancing Astronaut)


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