Terace ft. Jupiter Project – Running

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Terace ft. Jupiter Project – Running

In a time when finding someones identity is as easy as a google search, when musics most infamously mysterious act Daft Punk is as common knowledge as the President of the United States. Well cue Sweat it Outs latest signing, Terace.

After searching his Soundcloud all we could confirm was a location; Sydney, two tidy remixes of local bands Caseno and Parachute youth, and strong influences from TEED.

Terace’s first single ‘Running’ was released late last week. This track features the vocals of New Zealand’s fusion indie/hip hop act Jupiter Project. The song is a piano based house song, featuring a strong baseline, with an array of toms and synth stabs.

One thing is for certain, whilst his identity may remain a mystery, his talent is more than apparent.


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