TEED shares kitchen dance worthy mixtape

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TEED shares kitchen dance worthy mixtape

He’s come out of momentary musical isolation to give us something to enjoy in COVID-19 isolation. We’re talking about none other than Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur and his new mixtape that’s named with a dry ironic sense of humour, ‘Face 2 Face’.

The mixtape is the first new little jig from TEED since his early 2020 collaborative release with Amtrac dubbed ‘Radical’. It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already as it delivers a nice dramatic punchy house vibe.

The ‘face 2 Face mix’ is a combination of disco and funk-filled house music dabbed with coronavirus messages from his nightlife friends around the world. It’s an easy almost 2 hours of four-to-the-floor fun. Stay indoors this weekend and enjoy <3


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