WATCH: Diplo’s Trap Hawk Down

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WATCH: Diplo’s Trap Hawk Down


A few months ago Diplo announced he would be hitting four cities in one evening via helicopter. Pretty cool yeah? Well now its up on YouTube for all to check out!

This ingenious idea conjoured up by the Mad Decent boss-man was titled ‘Trap Hawk Down’, and saw Diplo grace the stage in four East Coast American cities – Baltimore, Atlantic City, Philadelphia and New York- all in one night and in spectacular and spontaneous Diplo fashion.

The official recap video for ‘Trap Hawk Down’ was dropped through the POTATOwillEATyou YouTube channel two days ago, and is definitely worth seven minutes of any Diplo/Mad Decent fan’s time. The video runs through the evenings events, including each gig in each city, and- of course- some dope footage of the helicopter rides! We also get to chime on some private chit-chats Diplo has with the cameraman on the night.

If he wasn’t already,then it is now safe to say Diplo is the coolest cat on the scene!

Check out the ‘Trap Hawk Down’ official recap below everybody!


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