Snakehips feat. George Maple – On & On

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Snakehips feat. George Maple – On & On

Vibes vibes vibes! 420 (smoke weed everyday) is only a day away and I can’t wait to burn one with George Maple’s baby’s ass-smooth voice in the background. My virtual crush/future wife just delivered another massive blow to the loins, this time via the production work of Snakehips. I’m not gona go all Pitchforkian (who are now pumping out the slow jams cause that’s whats good right now) on you, but it’s got some killer R&B samples and is space-aged bachelor pad shit to the max.

Maple’s voice is again–wait for it–SUGARY AND SWEET. It’s like Smokey Robinson and his vocal tendencies were transported from MoTown, only, you know, with boobies and a wider range.  Table of two for Sensuality, serving the frehest boner james in town:

(I must add that the song SoundCloud plays after this for me is “So Good To Me” by Chris Malinchak. That’s both as much of a ringing endorsement you can give a track and also great work by the SoundCloud Robots)

Another great song by an Aussie called On & On:

ps The best two songs this week came from Australia, not the robots. Touch Sensitive. George Maple. Snakehips. Get it.


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