Baauer stopped Diplo’s Mad Decent label from folding

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Baauer stopped Diplo’s Mad Decent label from folding

Diplo has revealed the trials and tribulations of coming to the point where he was almost forced to fold Mad Decent.

The head honcho of the popular label admitted Mad Decent wasn’t in as a rosie state as it appeared in the public confessing Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’ track came at the exact right time; “Honestly, that record was the thing that saved the label, because a year ago we were going to fold because we couldn’t figure out how to make money. Then we just started giving music out for free and it worked out.” – (Jeffreys label)

On the issue of THAT sample that Peurto Rican rappers Jayson Musson and Hector Delgado owned in ‘Harlem Shake’ Diplo cleared the air with the Huffington Post saying – “We didn’t know there were any samples in the song to begin with, but when it came to clear the samples – because otherwise he would make negative money – we wanted to help him out.” In the end Diplo smooth things over with the help of Warner who they had sold the Distribution rights for the song by saying “We had enough clout that we sorted it out”.

So it’s all happy endings with Mad Decent to continue gracing the airwaves and Baauer pocketing his well deserved cash moneys.


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