Alex Metric – Scandalism

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Alex Metric – Scandalism

Say what you want about Sonny Moore (and you probably have), but he’s certainly got a keen eye for talent. And Skrilly’s stellar ear and taste is no more evident than with the signing of UK remix-legend and Synth Shaolin Alex Metric. Metric’s innovative productions continually turn heads, and for good reason–they’re unlike most commercial dance music, but carry an upbeat hypnotic nature–coupled with mental synth-drives–that will leave the booties shaking.

With Scandalism, the most noteworthy track off the third edition of “Ammunition,” Metric has kind of merged the modern landscape of EDM with 80s pop*, utilizing bouncy synths that bring you right into The Breakfast Club–except there’s a rave in this study hall, and Molly is putting out.

*This is the closest thing to Fear of Tigers I’ve heard in awhile. That’s a good thing.


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