Feed Me’s top 3 shows every dance music fan should see

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Feed Me’s top 3 shows every dance music fan should see

Feed Me takes us through three live performances he believes every dance music fan has to sink their teeth into at some point which is… Well, ironic because his live performance has a set up with teeth. Which of these performances have you seen live?

3. Deadmau5
In terms of straight lighting and theatrics Deadmau5 takes the crown I think, as far as I know he’s working on an all-new design which I’m sure will be worth paying attention to. I’ve seen a few projection-mapped shows but for me it doesn’t really hold enough weight on stage compared to lamps/LEDs in terms of brightness.

2. Boys Noize
I’ve got to DJ with Boys Noize a couple of times recently which has been an honour, always a great track selection although I’ve yet to see his custom show, but musically it’s really well placed.

1. The Prodigy
The energy I’ve seen at Prodigy’s shows is pretty much unmatched from what I can tell. There isn’t really a track featured that doesn’t resonate or induce a massive reaction; I’d recommend it to anyone.

and of course we will plug Feed Me’s show which involves some goddam nasty looking teeth and some pretty heavy beats. Check out the making of his show here.


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