Dirtybird Players: Miami Edition

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Dirtybird Players: Miami Edition

Widely known as the label having the most fun in the industry, Dirtybird has become synonymous with all that is wacky, funky, booty-shakin’ and relentlessly innovation in modern bass music. It’s no surprise that the ever-growing DB fam began from the collaborative efforts of a Detroit dreamer and a few crazy Californians. Now with an international fan base and labelmates hailing from across the globe, they’ll be hosting their 11th annual BBQ party at the luscious Villa 221 in downtown Miami on March 21st during Winter Music Conference.

The notorious dirtybird BBQ tradition began way back in 2002 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, when the crew was first beginning to build steam. Christian Martin bought a sound system and they invited friends and family for a humble DIY start, without any idea of how massively legendary their free park parties would soon become. Nowadays it’s hard for them to continue hosting the Golden Gate BBQ soirees because they attract so many fans, but luckily Villa 221’s amazing, jungle-like, indoor-outdoor layout provides the perfect place to recreate that fun-loving, family feel. Last year they even gave out free dirtybird stunner shades to the first rush of fans who arrived. Claude Vonstroke’s rockin a pair in the photo above.

Check out a clip of the big Birdman himself talking to Beatport about the delightful atomsphere during 2012’s inaugural Miami BBQ edition:

Last year dirtybird brought the hip-hop flava they so adore with special guest Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest, and this year they’re stoked to have De La Soul joining the lineup alongside the original birdbrains, as well as a few fresh eggs in the DB batch. The O.G.s Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, J. Philp, Worthy and Leroy Peppers (aka Christian Martin) will of course be there, along with performances from newer heavy hitters French Fries, Eats Everything, Justin Jay, and Catz N’ Dogs. Claude in particular is excited about booking De La Soul, and told Vibe: “I am so excited to continue where we left off last year by bringing another iconic Hip Hop group to our Miami BBQ.”

Last March was a very special time for the clan, in particular for Justin Martin with his debut artist album Ghettos & Gardens on its way to release. But many other big things were brewing for the clan around this time last year, including the release of their Hatched compilation, a multi-volume collection of brand new tracks from various artists on the imprint. Now they’re continuing that huge success with another worldwide  tour and a new compilation project: dirtybird players. Players Part 1 was released earlier this month, and Part 2 just hit Beatport this week — you can preview the tunes below. And if you plan to be in Miami for WMC this year, don’t miss the chance to have delectable burgers and serious bass all up in your face at the same time — there’s still some tickets left!

I have to say, it’s always an absolute pleasure to watch CVS do his thang, but his performance at last year’s BBQ had to be one of my favorites. He threw down an insanely minimal set that would make any diehard tech-house head want to cry sweet tears of joy. Check out a clip of Claude bossing it up at Villa 221 in 2012, and make sure you’re part of that nasty magic this year.


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