Flux Pavilion Teams Up With Donald Glover

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Flux Pavilion Teams Up With Donald Glover

One of dubsteps big guns has done a rather interesting and exciting collaberation with Donald Glover’s rapper alias “Childish Gambino“.

As Flux Pavilion has a forth coming EP “Blow The Roof“, set to drop in late January, what better why to build the hype than with this eye catching combination. The multi talented Donald Glover who has his fingers in many pies (acting, comedy, writing & music), but best known for his character in the TV series Community has now added something else to the list, dubstep.

Childish Gambino released a series of free mixtapes before only just recently releasing his much anticipated debut album “Camp“, which drew a lot of attention and has since been playing sold out venues across the globe including Australia.

I must say I’m big fans of both their work and was a little worried when I saw both the names side by side, but having given it a listen I’m pretty keen to get my hands on the full version.

Flux Pavilion’s “Blow The Roof” will be released on the 28th of Jan, whilst Childish Gambino will be hitting Aus for the Big Day Out festivals across the country, including some sold out side shows.


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