Diplo’s Rider Is Better Than Yours

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Diplo’s Rider Is Better Than Yours

Diplo, the cool cucumber of the dance world (yep, we just called him a cool cucumber), has offered up a laugh with his full-rider for an up-coming Dec 30th show at Manhattens Pier 94 (Confirmed by Pitchfork).

We’ve seen a lot of over the top but totally serious requests from Steve Aoki, Deadmau5 and the likes but Mr Wentz knocks it out of the park requesting oddworld items such as; a Paddle Swimming Pool, Framed picture of himself, a freakin’ Gorilla (Silverback preferred) and even a bonfire pit.

Read the full and hilarious list below.

Non-required, but greatly appreciated, items to be available at the request of the ARTIST or their personnel immediately following soundcheck:

  • Two (2) Air Horns
  • Two (2) Inflatable Animals (Bonus points for endangered or extinct species)
  • Four (4) Blank Maxell Cassettes (New in Package)
  • One (1) Paddle Swimmin’ Pool
  • 1983 G.I. Joe Storm Shadow Action Figure (New in Package)
  • One (1) Framed Picture of Diplo
  • One (1) Gorilla (Silverback is preferred, an Orangutan is also acceptable)
  • Ten (10) Magnum Condoms
  • One (1) Malawian Orphan
  • One (1) Arranged Marriage
  • One (1) Original Nintendo in the box (with receipt from Kiddy City)
  • One (1) Violin Player (to play while we eat our cheese plate)
  • Two (2) Matches and Lighter Fluid
  • One (1) Bonfire Pit
  • Two (2) Logs to sit on
  • Third season of Lost (on VHS tapes)
  • One (1) Parrot that is trained to say your name
  • One (1) dart board (with Nicolas Cage’s face on it)
  • Short Wave Radio
  • 1983 Yak Face Star Wars Return of the Jedi Action Figure (New in Package)

Whats the craziest think you’ve seen on a flyer?


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