Black Van – Inside (Oliver Remix)

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Black Van – Inside (Oliver Remix)

Black Van is a project put together by Kris Menace & KoweSix who deliver bass heavy, synth laden masterpieces on occasion. I would go as far as saying that Black Van are the older, more experienced model of another duo who go by the name Oliver. In this case, the two have collided and the results are thankfully just as good as you’d imagine.

This sounds like the music for a scene in a movie that is most definitely set in the future. They have just taken a bus to space, landed on a planet that is exclusively lit by UV lights. The atmosphere is suffocated by glitter, stardust and sherbert and the currency is glowsticks. People pronounce ‘Moog’ correctly and door knobs are actually 303s. I don’t know. This song just sounds like the soundtrack to my idea of heaven, ok?


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