Ticket Giveaway: Acid Jacks Live Set @ Survivor (Melbourne)

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Ticket Giveaway: Acid Jacks Live Set @ Survivor (Melbourne)

Some of you may have had the privilege of attending a rather fascinating club tucked away into the dark streets of Melbourne called Survivor: Club of Legends (and quite aptly named if I do say so myself). Acid Jacks is a regular techno connoisseur around these parts and this is a good hour and a half of what he did on the night/morning (whatever who knows) that was September 15. If you’ve ever been so curious what happens in a dark club between the hours of 2-3:30am because you a) have not attended b) are actually so far gone that you might as well have not attended, then this is for you.

Oh and since we like to keep things a little fun at Stoney, if you’re the first cat to guess the track listing in it’s entirety, correctly, live in Australia you could get a super special prize that may or may not get you into a certain mega music festival Acid Jack is djing around the November/December mark.

Leave your track list comments on the Soundcloud page (below) and winners will be contacted when they hit BINGO. Happy raving and guessing!


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