Featured Artist: Taquwami

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Featured Artist: Taquwami

Hailing from Japan, little is known about Taquwami, aside from that he makes dreamwave-ish music fused with glitchy hip hop beats. Considering how amazing they are I think he’s just way too underrated. I can’t find too many stuff about him on the net and so I thought a coverage post is long due. Fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to be able to get in touch and exchanged a few words with him.

These are some dope track you made! We love you at Stoney
Thanks, I appreciate it.

Can you tell me about who are the people behind the Taquwami project?
Taquwami is a one-person project by Takumi Kuwahara living in Tokyo. It started last year.

You must have a lot of music experience before I guess? since your songs are very well produced
Yeah, I was playing in the band before it. That gave me lots of experience.

Are there any specific artists who inspire your music? They are very unique!
I’m inspired by Balam Acab, Star Slinger, many electronic musicians and Japanese 90’s music!

What’s your life like besides making music? Do you mind telling us a bit?
I go to look at the sea frequently. That’s it haha

How is the scene in Japan? Are there people who make the same kind of music around you?
It seldom exists.┬áIf I have to choose some things, they would be…Seiho/OKLobby/Eadonmm/LLLL.

Genres are stupid, but how do you classify your music?
If my music is denoted by words, I think they will be Trillwave or Dreamwave.

It was short but thanks for your time Taquwami, and best of luck for your music in the future! And before you head out, check out Hold, his latest work with Ruddyp.


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