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We had the chance to catch up with super-Swede Djs, Cazzette in anticipation of their new release due out this week exclusively on Spotify. The duo has hit the scene with a bang over the past year, remixing the biggest tracks, and playing the biggest events. Though they produce big room bangers, the two producers draw influence from all over the board.  Being fans of Swedish producer Audrio, and California based heavy hitters Dillon Francis and TJR they are diverse and their sets proove it.

The release comes out in an unprecedented move to only be found on the Swedish based steaming service Spotify. Some say it’s a sign of the times ,moving away from traditional dance marketplaces such as Beatport and iTunes. Starting here with their debut album, the forward thinking producers dubbed ‘the newest of the new’ are in for the long haul. One highlight of their year on the road was a wild set at the iconic Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. They played sunset gig where they were thrilled to see fans going wild for their originals at one of the biggest festivals worldwide. Look out for the album tomorrow on Spotify and more to come from the newest addition to team Sweden.

Its been a pretty wild ride for you two, in under a year and a half you have remixed the top names in electronic and pop music, played the biggest festivals main stages, and travelled the world. How do you feel about getting to spend some time in the studio and finally push out your debut originals?

It’s feels great! The playing live part and production actually goes well in hand with each other. It’s a lot of fun being on the road but one gets hungry for production. We’ve been working a lot on these tracks now and could not be happier with the result! Once we get home we instantly feel a need for producing since we’re so pumped up with inspiration from seeing the world and playing all these amazing shows!

You guys were brought on board with Ash and the successful team of At Night Management. In what ways do you think those guys are pushing artists to the very top compared to other agencies out there?

It’s hard for us to tell exactly since we don’t know much about other managements but we know for sure that the way we work with ours is perfect; like management should be. Ash and the rest of the boys at the At Night family are working really hard to push us in every way. We appreciate that a lot. Also Ash is a part of everything we do which is great. Instead of being just two producers we actually get to bounce everything with him which provides a third angle on every song.

Some say the world of music sales is dead, that’s why it seems like great choice to move to such an intuitive platform such as Spotify, in your words what do is the benefit of going exclusively with them?

It seems a bit harsh to say that its dead but it’s completely different for the artists in the electronic music scene than for the top 10 pop-artists. Being exclusive and collaborating with Spotify is a thing that no one did before which to us is really exciting. It goes perfect with the whole concept of Cazzette and especially this Album. It’s experimental! It’s also really cool to give it out, in a way, for free first. Instead of trying to boost the sales through iTunes and Beatport which a lot of artists try to do. It’s well established that it’s the live shows who brings the milk to the table and not the sales for us Dj’s. What’s also great about the collaboration is that, since we release the album in different parts, we can actually add tracks and remixes along the way which we think is a huge benefit as the fast producers we are.

The team over at Spotify deemed Cazzette ‘the newest of the new’, with events reaching hundreds of thousands of attendees, sold out stadiums, and big time endorsements, what’s next for the industry? It seems like every kids dream is to be a superstar Dj, how many more can the industry handle?

The industry will continue to grow as long as people want it to. If everyone would stop and say “okey, were done here” that somewhat means that the growth would cool of for a bit. But still, that’s not the case right now. People are still hungry and the thought of house and electronic music in general to keep growing seems exciting. If we want to put giant cassette-heads on our bodies and find new ways to build cool stuff around the shows and tracks we put out who is to say that not more people will try out interesting and new concepts.

Now that you’ve released your debut album, anyone we can expect to see you in the studio with for future releases? Any of the guys you remixed for, Kanye, Jay-Z?

We are always very open minded when it comes to collaborations with other artists. It’s always fun to have someone bring a completely different take on your thoughts when it comes to production so the answer would be; expect collaborations but not from any one in specific.

Finally, as a front-runner in the new age of music sales, what can you recommend for up and comers. The old ways of labels and record sales are dead; you guys are pioneering the new regime. What can a young producer do out there to get noticed?

We think it takes a lot today to get noticed with all the competition and really great young talent out there. The creativity and musical talent is obviously key factors in order to get attention but it may also be vise to go for quality instead of quantity in terms of releases and preview drops. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are great tools to interact with your fans and promote your tracks and brand.

Make sure to stream the tunes tomorrow, but until then check the video for the album’s lead track ‘Beam Me Up’


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