Beatport Ranks The Top 10 US Sound Systems

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Beatport Ranks The Top 10 US Sound Systems

Beatport is always up to something, and now they seem to be blogging it on their news section tied into the music sales platform.Recently they rated the best sound systems in America.

A bold statement yes, but to us the list seemed to do pretty well. Of course every dance fanatic wants to represent their local venue, but Beatport seemed to take a non-biased opinion in swaying near and far from their Denver, Colorado control centre  Since the company’s founders are Djs themselves (Manufactured Superstars) Beatport should know a thing or two about live sound. Take a look at their list and commentary along with some words from us here at Stoney.

10. Smart Bar – Chicago, IL

The home of house better have some great sound. With an underground scene rivaling anywhere in the world, Chi-town definitely has some color to say the least. Smart Bar fits right in the middle of the road when it comes to size. This subtle underground gem is a must-stop in the Midwest.

What Beatport Had To Say: Two blocks north of Wrigley Field, you’ll find an amazing basement bar and arguably the best soundsystem in Chicago. Smart Bar boasts a spacious dancefloor and rocking audio, and it has become a favorite for local artists like DJ Lady D and Orchard Lounge. Lady D commends Smart Bar for its “great Funktion One soundsystem and the best staff in the business.” In other words, a combination you don’t want to miss!

9. The Belasco Theater – Los Angeles, CA

There is fierce competition in the Hollywood city – a town filled with labels, managers, and some of the best artists in the world. The Belasco holds it own for being an old-timer. We are sure it stands up to some other spots for overall experience, but with a super renovation and a larger-than-life system, it made Beatport’s list.

What Beatport Had To Say: The Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles has maintained its classical 1900s architecture for almost a century. It was closed for over 25 years, but it recently reopened after a multi-million-dollar restoration project. The 40,000-square-foot venue might be a historic relic, but it’s also home to the largest D&B Audiotechnik soundsystem in the area. Plans to be in LA? We recommend hitting the Belasco.

8. Mansion Nightclub – Miami, FL 

Owned by the infamous Opium group, Mansion is hit or miss when it comes to crowds. The owners are the Miami club mafia to say the least and cater to cash only. After kicking Dennis Ferrer off the decks for not playing ‘commercial’ enough music, it’s not our number 1 spot to stop in South Beach on principle. But if your pockets are deep and bottles are on your menu, give it a shot, at least the sound is good.

What Beatport Had To Say: The sound at Mansion Nightclub in Miami was recently redesigned to include a Funktion One system with over 100,000 watts of power—and it’s one of the sickest systems we’ve ever heard. Todd Konecny of Funktion One calls the newly configured system an “ideal balance between accuracy in reproduction and high-energy output.” Konecny explains that the bass speakers are placed in the air to make the system full range, “while the subwoofers beneath the stage are in close proximity to the money seats and main dancefloor.” A redesigned soundsystem that makes this venue a winner.

7. Monarch – San Francisco, CA 

One of San Francisco’s most elegant and intimate venues, Monarch boasts appearances from the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke and Mark Farina, dubbing itself the “new throne of San Francisco’s nightlife dynasty.” With events nearly every night of the week, Monarch is a dynamic space with an upper level bar/lounge and subterranean club. The swanky decor is a staggering contrast to the gritty neighborhood outside, and it attracts a diverse crowd with hipster and hippy types of course, Burners when the music is dubby, the fancy-pants biz party people, bros and chicks in tiny dresses…a delightful spread of the crazy SF clubbing population.

What Beatport Had To Say: Monarch is a multi-level club at the corner of Sixth and Mission Streets in San Francisco, and it sports the only custom horn-loaded Void Acoustics soundsystem on the west coast. Although the top floor of the venue makes for a great cocktail bar, the basement of this beast is where the real magic happens. Audiophiles and clubbers rejoice: this dancefloor doesn’t have a dead spot.

6. Q Nightclub – Seattle, WA 

Up North they have to keep warm somehow, and Q is a great place to keep it moving. The setup here is state of the art, and acoustics allow party people to not only hear the sound, but to feel it in their bellies. Only a short jump from Vancouver, Q is a must-stop on a clubber’s dance-map.

What Beatport Had To Say: Several Decibel Festival artists, including Phil Hartnoll of Orbital and Roman Flugel, have commented that Q Nightclub in Seattle is one of the best clubs in America. Boasting Seattle’s only Funktion One system, Q Nightclub is world class across the board. The soundsystem is beautifully integrated into the space, and the volume, clarity, and dynamic range is simply insane. It’s a flown system that would normally comprise several F-1 Dance Stacks. At Q, the system has been suspended from the ceiling and walls with the big bass cabinets installed at floor level, which allows the bass to not only pass across the room above floor level, but also under the sprung dancefloor so that the bass resonates into the legs of people dancing. There are also another 20 Funktion One fill speakers and subs located throughout the club. Need more convincing? Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting—the dude that’s been doing the mainstage lighting for Ultra Music Festival for more than a decade—designed and installed the dancefloor lighting system.

5. Avalon Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA

Now we are really getting to the famed US spots. Avalon has been THE place for west coast dance shows the past couple of years. A favorite spot of local dubstep hero 12th Planet, this huge venue has some heavy hits for sure. With an owner who brands his own sound system, its no surprise that this is a guaranteed tour stop for every US major.

What Beatport Had To Say: John Lyons has designed sound for some of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. And since he’s the owner of Avalon Hollywood, it’s no surprise to see his LA venue make our list. Avalon brand speakers power the mind-blowing sound and pressure at this 1,100-person venue. This is another club to add to your LA checklist.

4. XS Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV

When is comes to Vegas you know what crowd you’re going to get. XS has stepped it up by getting so many top notch residents the past few years, making it the electronic hotspot in Sin City. Though there are a lot of high rollers looking for the spotlight, its a guaranteed great time.

What Beatport Had To Say: Earlier this year, Las Vegas’ XS Nightclub celebrated its third anniversary with a massive performance by Skrillex. The American lord of dubstep is just one of many world famous DJs to have a temporary residence at this 16,000-square-foot club. From Deadmau5 to Afrojack, this club gets the biggest and best names in electronic music. Why are all the major artists heading to this club? Some say it’s the atmosphere, but others say it’s the sound. But the Fulcrum Prophile Series installed in this award-winning venue makes us think it’s the sound.

3. Beta Nightclub – Denver, CO

Right in Beatport’s backyard, Beta is one of the few spots Djs will stop in the Rocky Mountains. Known for power, this heavy venue sizes up to the peaks nearby. In a city known for top notch production, it’s worth a stay on the way to the slopes.

What Beatport Had To Say: Denver’s Beta Nightclub offers some of the best sound in the world. Sporting a one-of-a-kind Funktion One system with over 100,000 watts of power, the venue has been nominated for sound awards every year since it opened in 2008. Everything about the system has been taken into consideration, and the results speak for themselves. Armin Van Buuren loves the “pure and fresh” sound in Denver, explaining that Beta “brings it to a new level.” Even Deadmau5 describes Beta as a “DJ’s wet dream.” Outside of electronic music favorites like Deadmau5 and Armin Van Buuren, the Denver dubstep scene is bigger than ever thanks to event promotion by Sub.Mission. At the heart of the growing movement is audio, and this place does it right.

2. U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC

This is why we love this list. Though Uhall has no flashy lights or even so much space compared to the rest, it ranks high for the punch it packs. Started by Djs for Djs, local heroes Tittsworth and Will Eastman made a church that’s earned its keep to say the least. With virtually no light system, definitely no bottle service, and PBR as the drink of choice, Uhall is a place to get down. The spot has played host to some heavy hitting kings, and the sound system has proven itself. Known to knock the bottles off the walls, the temple of bass helped bring Moombahton to the world. Only a couple of years old, the venue is just begining to draw names worthy of the decks. Next time you’re visiting Obama, make sure to request an escort to U Street for some underground madness.

What Beatport Had To Say: U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC is a bass dungeon designed with sound as its top priority. The 500-person room features a 1,200-square-foot cork-cushioned dancefloor and a state-of-the-art system designed by ITI Audio. The system is processed with a BSS Soundweb London Blu-160 and a XTA DP226, and the Subwoofer amplification is handled by Martin Audio MA9.6K and MA12K. Adam Weiner of ITI Audio explains, “U Hall is an example of what happens when people who give a care about how their music sounds do everything right in designing their club.” Although the system bumps like no other, it only has five subs. That’s a true testament to the power of Martin Audio. After Skream and Benga played there in February, Skream tweeted, “U Hall in DC has the best soundsystem I’ve heard in America! It was so good playing bass music and actually feeling the bass!” Other artists, including SBTRKT and Annie Mac have also raved about the sound at U Street Music Hall. From the monthly Moombahton Massive events to the Deep Sessions Crew shows, everyone that’s played here has fallen in love with the system.

1. Cielo Club – New York, NY

Dubbed ‘NYC’s most legendary club’ Cielo holds it own in the city that never sleeps. Though you may not hear the top 10 Djs play here, this solid spot has a groove of its own. Rankings like this one keep Beatport’s list golden. Your favorite NYC raver probably won’t recommend Cielo, but trust us… go there.

What Beatport Had To Say: New York City’s Cielo Club tops our list as the venue with the finest sound in the country. Cielo isn’t a very big room, but there’s a reason that the likes of Francois K, Rhythm & Sound, Louie Vega, and others prefer it when playing in the Big Apple.Francois K says that Cielo Club is of the “highest grade imaginable.” Ranked as the #22 best club in the world in 2010 by DJ magazine, Cielo has a ’70s aesthetic with Funktion Ones all facing a sunken dancefloor. Club owner Nicolas Matar explains that “there is really no one thing that makes it sound good; it is a combination of the equipment, the layout, the design, and materials of the room.” This soundsystem will toss you around the dancefloor like a Raggedy Ann doll, and that’s why we love it.


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