Watch: Diplo talks Major Lazer (without Switch), Snoop Lion, and Farms

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Watch: Diplo talks Major Lazer (without Switch), Snoop Lion, and Farms

Short and sweet is the tone to this quick chat about a few changes and new projects in the world of the globe trotting, forward thinking prodcuer Diplo.

The topic in question here are the changes going on in the roster of Major Lazer, an island inspired band and DJ troupe. Originally the group consisted of solely Diplo and Switch, made famous by their debut album ‘Guns Dont Kill People Lazers Do.’ As an early influence to Diplo Switch always seemed to be the production fire that sparked Major Lazer tracks into a different universe.

Obviously either we are wrong or Wes (Diplo) remembers the story different.We knew Switch was never into the whole touring thing, but according to his bandmate, he wasn’t very relevant in the studio either.

Maybe the Mad Decent boss got a bit lonely on the road, but Switch is out. Now on the team is Jillionaire, longtime friend and party starter of Mad Decent. Walshy Fire of Miami was also added to round it out as a trio. The addition of these guys are sure to add to the stage antics that are well known at Major Lazer shows.

Their event have more booty shaking than a belly dancer convention. Will their addition change the sound of major Lazer? We hope not, but for the time being the twerk will live on.


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