Paradis – Hémisphère

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Paradis – Hémisphère

Ha, my music radar has been off for a while I guess. The fact that these days I don’t find as much music as I did a few years back might suggest that I’m at that phase where I’m feeling tired of the whole french house / nu-disco thing. Blashpemous as it may sound, fact is I’m listening to basically less and less nu-disco. It’s a normal thing I guess. I mean I’ve been into that synthy, retro disco sound ever since it became, well, the only thing people blogged about. Which is, what, around 2007? It does feel kind of refreshing, that I’ve finally opened my ears to a whole new kind of music that only now I realize existed. I have yet to find the music that sparks my excitement the way those from 2007-2009 did, but so far a good dose of deep house and dream pop seem to do it for me.

This song right here is probably an exception. With the sound still in the territory of nu-disco, albeit with a good dose of french pop, I found the sophistication of its production enchanting. I just love the vocal treatment and the whole minimalist feel of it. There’s enough characteristic in the song that does it for me. That of course depends on where you came from, musically. But for me, this is the kind of song that will take you back right to this moment, when you start listening to them again a few years in the future.


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