David Guetta delivers another Australian collaboration

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David Guetta delivers another Australian collaboration

DJ superstar David Guetta has delivered another collaboration with Aussie songstress Sia at the just-passed Tomorrowland Festival (anyone catch it streaming?)

It was announced that the new track “Falling to Pieces” was being played for the second time ever and follows the same route as “Titanium” – the first smash hit from the two that managed to sit pretty in the top regions of the Billboard charts for the last few months.

The newy sounds similar to most of the thumping ‘EDM’ hits floating around and will most likely be playing on your commercial radio stations before you can say… millions.

We kind of liked the Swedish triple stack in the crowd more.

… and our fantastic Facebook fans managed to unearth this gem, a girl taking a crap mainstage Tomorrowland


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