David Guetta drops tech-house hammer under Jack Back alias and we’re torn

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David Guetta drops tech-house hammer under Jack Back alias and we’re torn

We recently had a first look at David Guetta’s new side project Jack Back with a mixtape that was spliced with some decent house and tech-house records and now, an original from the EDM overlord.

In a solid attempt at restarting his burgeoning career that had peaked of late his return in tech-house form is pretty spot on in finding new fans that have and won’t stop playing what is getting rinsed in the clubs at the moment.

On the reveal of the project, David… or Jack said; “I originally started in underground house music, playing all the raves and underground clubs in Paris. I wanted to make music just for fun, with absolutely no commercial approach to it. I want to make every type of music that I like, I’m doing it for the love of music.”

While that’s slightly debatable releasing it on Defected, possibly one of the biggest and most accessible dance music labels in the world we’re all about fodder for the dance-floor and not necessarily festival stage and yep, it bangs!

Those with a keen ear might notice a familiar sample in this one and yep, it’s a biggie and was made famous in the last few decades by Moby with his anthem ‘Honey’ with the original stemming way back to a 1960s track called ‘Sometimes’ by American singer Bessie Jones.

Dive into the track below!


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