Nero To Support Madonna World Tour

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Nero To Support Madonna World Tour

If you have ever had an upset belly from eating that 3 day old chicken, you’ll have the same feeling knowing that Nero will be supporting some of the dates on Madonna’s giant MDNA world tour.

Consisting of 26 shows, the two, who once were (maybe) considered innovators of the scene have lost a couple shreds of dignity while plushing out their wallets.

It was earlier this year when Madonna had a sudden profound interest in Dance Music or ‘EDM’ as the backward folk would call it – with an appearance at Ultra Music with young Swede gun Avicii.

She also managed to tweet her love for Skrillex during her one day attempt at the platform to promote the new album and also herself beefing it out with the always opinionated Deadmau5.

We hope the boys move past the ‘crush’ bit and straight down to business end of things.

Check out Nero’s good dubstep mates Chase N Status and their interview with us!


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