NERO members Alana & Dan form new duo, ‘The Night’

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NERO members Alana & Dan form new duo, ‘The Night’

NERO have announced via Facebook that two members – Alana and Dan – are forming a new duo, named ‘The Night‘.

Despite the British group sharing a huge collaboration with ZHU in 2017,  we’ve heard zilch from the trio since. Whilst it’s a bummer to see the end of NERO, it’s great to hear that they’ve found a new direction that they’re excited about. To top it all off, Dan and Alana were recently married, making this one of those beautiful couple musical ventures the world likes so much.

Whilst the image and caption gives no hints as to the sound or style they’re journeying into, we can’t wait to hear what they’ve conjured up this time.

In commemoration (and celebration), here’s a cheeky throwback to 2011 with NERO’s ‘Promises‘. Still a banger.


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