Fred Falke To Produce Theophilus London’s Track

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Fred Falke To Produce Theophilus London’s Track

What’s up with blogsphere’s favourite producer Fred Falke? Well firstly he’s been touring in the US alot, as some of you guys have already know. Also recently he’s done a remix for, sigh,  Eva Simpsons that would probably make him some decent amount of money.

Anyway, latest news is, he’s producing Theophilus London’s newest song called Lisa. So far we can’t tell how much of Fred Falke’s magic going to make it into the song, but we do hear him playing around with the bass for a bit there. What I would want to hear the most though, is his super lush chorused rhodes sound, found in most of his remix from TWBA’s Golden Cage to Metronomy’s The Look.

This track’s will be part of the Lovers Holiday II: Rose Island. In the meantime check out Fred’s remix of Theophilus London’s other song Your Love Is Real.


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