Jamiroquai Releases Funk Filled Remixes of ‘Cloud 9’

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Jamiroquai Releases Funk Filled Remixes of ‘Cloud 9’

Jamiroquai’s new album releases have been turning heads with “Cloud 9” garnering quite a bit of love for that funky Jamiroquai sound we’ve grown to love.

Purple Disco Machine and Fred Falke were given the honour of the official remixes for the newy and they came out sounding pretty slick.

Both throw a big ol’ focus on the Jay Kay vocals, PDM giving a bit more of a club ready disco edit which is sure to see some party love versus Fred Falke who sticks a little more true to the original, while giving it that Fred Falke feel.

Purple Disco Machine and Fred Falke are known for their consistent killer funky edits as well as banging originals, so give the remixes a listen below and tell us what you think! Are you vibing one of the remixes or the original more?

Jamiroquai’s new album is set to release soon in March!


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