St. Lucia – We Got It Wrong (Starsmith Remix)

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St. Lucia – We Got It Wrong (Starsmith Remix)

Starsmith has done a stellar job for St. Lucia’s We Got It Wrong. This remix sees a rather different production style of his that is very reminiscent of Grum’s or Kris Menace’s productions. An upbeat retro-disco track with big breakdowns and driving mood, this track could be the perfect uplifting tunes on all occasions – from your intercity highway driving trip to your nights out in a dark room with lasers and lights.

This track indeed has a different signature sound compared to his other productions such as Lesson One and Jona Vark Remix, where the synths are “sharper and grittier” resulting in a modern-sounding indie-dance track, while this one in contrast is a bit reminiscent to old classics such as Discopolis by Kris Menace or Grum’s Remix of Took The Night by Chelley with its big, reverbed drums and leads.


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