New Siriusmo Album in the works

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New Siriusmo Album in the works

Some exciting news has just surfaced about German wunderkind Siriusmo releasing a whole album of new material at the end of the year. Siriusmo’s Mosiak was one of the most critically acclaimed releases last year, and Modelselektor’s Monkeytown label will also be releasing his next, as yet untitled masterpiece.

In the meantime, Siriusmo is releasing some new material on April 6th, in the form of new EP ‘Doctor Beak’s Rantanplant‘, which, according to Monkeytown, is meant to ‘shorten the waiting time with some pleasurable Siriusmo entertainment’. Hard to argue with that!

Much love for Rantanplant, two step beats are long overdue for a comeback!


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