Joe Goddard of Hot Chip speaks out about the new album

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Joe Goddard of Hot Chip speaks out about the new album

Hot Chip New Album 2012

In an interview with NME – Hot Chips Joe Goddard has hinted some details about their new album.

What we already knew was that the band had completed recording and we’re currently going through the final mix-down of the album in early January.

Joe has gone on to reveal that the record will  “probably be out around June, but it’s not absolutely decided yet. It basically sounds like Hot Chip, we haven’t done anything particularly weird” (an interesting piece on fans ‘caring’ about the band again).

Fans of Kraut Rock will be happy to know that Kraftwerk’s Conny Plank’s mixing desk that helped produce seminal bands Neu!, Harmonia Cluster and more was shipped over to the UK to aid the whole recording.

In Joe’s words “the guy we’ve been working with shipped it over from Germany, where it was rotting, didn’t work at all. He spent £10, 000 doing it up and we recorded it on that desk.”

“It’s a beautiful thing. That’s what brought everything together for this new record. It’s a continuation of our love affair with different kinds of dance music.”


via FACT


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