Be the first to listen to Hot Chip’s brilliant new album

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Be the first to listen to Hot Chip’s brilliant new album

They’re an electronic band that’ve not only collectively had success, but individually kicked lots of musical goals as well. Close to twenty years on since they formed, we’re excited to have a freshly fried Hot Chip album called ‘A Bath Full of Ecstasy‘ hit the airwaves.

Most famous for their kooky song concepts like ‘The Warning’ and left of centre music video plot lines ‘I Feel Better’, Hot Chip deliver a new album filled with both the expected and unexpected. Alexis Taylor’s vocals provide the kind of distinct foundation through his quaint falsetto style, something others would find hard to emulate. The energy level of the music goes from delicately pieced together with ‘Spell’, ‘Bath Full Of Ecstasy’ and ‘All does my mind’, all the way to hands in the air good times with the likes of ‘Echo’, ‘Hungry Child’, and more. The band haven’t lost their love for melodies with often arpeggiators, pianos and synth leading the mood of the music.

There’s an overall feeling of nostalgia with the album emitting the positive feeling the crew must have had when they got back into the studio together. Best explained like seeing that friend you hadn’t seen in a few years, but it feeling like you only saw them yesterday.

Listen to ‘A Bath Full Of Ecstasy‘ out on Domino Recordings now!


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