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Nadastrom were established 2007 and are the collective brainchild of Washington, D.C. natives Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom. The duo are hitting off 2012 with a bang by going on a mini world tour. We checked in with them before they hit Australian shores!

What have you guys been listening to lately?

Lots of Juicy J, haha. Production on that Blue Dream  & Lean Mixtape murders and Juicy is obviously never afraid to speak his mind, which is always fun.

How did the Nadastrom duo you guys formed originally come about?

Our mutual buddy DJ Tittsworth introduced us. He felt we had a lot in common music wise and thought we should link up. Shortly after we met, I asked Matt if he wanted to do a weekly party in DC and we would get paid in drinks. That lasted for about a month and then the party got shut haha. We had a tough time finding a new home for our party, so instead we just ended up working on tunes at matt’s place and that’s when we started making records.

Who’s your favourite up and coming Moomahton producers at the moment?

JWLS from Miami, Steve Starks from DC, Billy The Gent & Longjawns from DC and Richmond, Brosafari from TX, and of course our Moombahton Massive partner in crime DJ Sabo from NYC via LA.

Tell us about what goes on in the studio, do you guys work mostly on the road or do you like to dedicate time to sit down and come up with your tunes?

We definitely prefer to sit down and work on tunes in the studio. Sometimes we find ourselves having to work on the road, and that’s ok.

What’s been your all time favourite gig and why?

This is tough, seeing as we just finished our Mothership tour with Skrillex and played over 49 cities. But I think my favorite gig so far was Moombahton Massive IX in Washington DC where I proposed to my fiance on top of the DJ booth in front of hundreds of people on Thanksgiving night. She said yes!

Where can you see the Nadastrom sound going in 2012?

Who knows, haha. We always like to keep an open mind and explore new music and sounds. It’s what inspires us.

90% of people reading this are probably bedroom producers – what’s your best pro-tip for kids starting out making beats?

My advice would be to keep an open mind when it comes to music and production. Also, you are always going to sound like yourself, so don’t worry too much about how you “sound.” Spent more time mastering whatever hardware/software program you like to use so you can have a killer workflow and get your ideas out quicker.

What can the punters expect from a Nadastrom show this time around?

We’re coming armed with this new moombahton sound and vibe, hope subwoofers are ready!

For those in Sydney, you can catch Nadastrom at Courtyard party on Thursday the 26th November!

Purchase tickets: Here

Enter competition to win one of 2 x double passes Nadastrom in Sydney: here



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