Thomas Gold

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Thomas Gold

If Thomas Golds footprints were relative to his impact on proper club music it’d be something close to a Sasquatch having delivered countless European house originals and remixes to the masses.

He’s headlined stages around the world and shared the decks with other euro heavies such as Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tiesto, John Dalhback and Sander Van Doorn.

Today also marks the release of his collaborative track ‘Alive’ alongside Dirty South and female vocalist Kate Elsworth (preview at end).

We we’re fortunate enough to throw a few quick questions at the Berlin resident and pick his mind on a few things from his attitude towards creating ‘club tracks’, growing up with music and the current dance music scene.

Name and hometown?

Thomas Gold, Berlin

To me it feels as if you are a different breed of producer, not one that hits up the blogs weekly with new material, more a djs producer, creating tracks to be played loud. Do you think this is an appropriate take on who Thomas Gold really is?

Actually that’s what I do – i make music for clubs to be played by DJs. I always try and test my stuff myself before I give it out to anyone. Then, when I’m happy I would send it to some of my DJ friends to get their feedback. So I get a real picture of how the track works in the club. I love deep basslines, phat and punchy drums and those big melodies, and that’s what it’s all about when it comes to club and house music! So yes, you could see me as a DJ’s producer 🙂

To most producers it isn’t a impromptu decision to make music, its more something that has been with them since childhood. Did you share the same passion for music growing up?

Yes, absolutely!! I started playing keyboards at the age of 7, got my first ‘real’ synthesizer when I was 15 and from then on I built my own little home studio from year to year. I always loved to make music, it’s just my passion, so for me a dream has come true that other people play my stuff and enjoy it!

You’ve had the opportunity to hang out with a heap of big name artists from Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tiësto, David Guetta, Chuckie, John Dahlbäck and Sander van Doorn any cheeky stories to tell?

Hahaha, no of course not 😉

Personally I think that dance music is over saturated at the moment. How do you feel about the current state of Dance Music?

Of course there is kind of ‘saturation’ in the scene as many people just copy successful tracks from others and publish them on the internet. Sometimes it’s funny how many promo tracks i get from labels in a week, there is so much music out there – and of course not all of it is good.

But, I don’t really think that this is a special problem right now. I see some new and interesting developments in dance music at the moment!

Melodies are finally back, the grooves are getting phatter and people are very open to new tracks! I’m happy with the situation at the moment as you have so many nice influences coming from everywhere – you just have to pick the right ones for yourself – this might be the only ‘problem’ lol….

Lastly, planes crashing, you have a parachute, whats the next thing you grab before jumping out?

My laptop – it’s my life!! hopefully they have a charger where i land haha!

Overall Thomas seems like a pretty level character in a somewhat at times completely dysfunctional music scene.

Preview his collaborative track with Dirty South below;

Dirty South & Thomas Gold featuring Kate Elsworth ‘Alive’ (Clip) by dirtysouth909

Keep up the good work!


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