Kris Menace

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Kris Menace

Although we keep things pretty standard here at Stoney Roads, when it comes to interviews (as im sure its a pain in the ass for the artist), we’re always still genuinely interested in any and all knowledge given!

Someone who’s always been on the radar for tastemakers and has a cult like following is none other then , some who would consider an inspiration and others an innovator.

We were fortunate enough to send over our short-but-sweet 6 question styled interview… the following happened.

First Job?

My first real paid job was to DJ at a sundays danceschool… I played early rave stuff in the school´s basement disco…


Not really… well, maybe my mum… no idea how she was able to raise me… 😉

Song closest to your heart?

There are many… the one which just comes to mind is “nightmares on wax – les nuit”

Favourite DAW?

Cubase… its fast and reliable…Ii worked with notator back in the days before it was renamed to “logic”. i tried apple´s “logic” again one or two years ago and just thought that its not “logic-al” enough to me… pro tools is too expensive for what it can and abelton for me is more a programm for electronical music only…

Memory of the first gig you played?

I was at a party which wasn’t too busy when the DJ, who was a friend, asked if i could take over for 5 minutes as he has to go for a pee… I took over, no idea what to do and just mixed for the first time in my life… I took a record i knew and spinned for the rest of the night… it was really fun, the party got really busy towards the end and the people really went crazy… it was 1993 or 1994 in mannheim / germany…

What’s in store for the new album? Classic Kris or something we haven’t seen before?

You always try to develope your sound. so did i… most of the time people dont understand, as they limit you to one certain sound… that’s maybe the biggest problem I got, as I wanted to establish myself more as a producer than a typical DJ. Now, i’m very exited about the reactions to the new album. its fresh, still me and carries a lot of love… next to this we also just finally finished the black van album too, which will be scheduled for mid next year i think…

Any other unknown talents?

I´m a great chef. Cooking is def a great way to relax for me…

So there it is, start playing rave tunes, don’t worry about Abelton and most importantly learn how to cook, ha!

Stream the single here and grab the single “Pow!” feat Rex the Dog on Beatport now (includes remixes from Kris and Rex the Dog).


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