Zedd explains why he made a song for Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj

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Zedd playing live on David Letterman tonight

Something you may not realise is that German electro head Zedd made a track for tween dweebster Justin Beiber on his most recent album.

It’s EDM meets pop via the October 2012 release of ‘Beauty and the Beat’. Without waiting until a public prompt, Zedd opened up to the reasoning behind his decision to give it to Beibster in an interview with Fuse.

“When I made Clarity, there were some songs that didn’t really fit this album. I still love them, like ‘beauty and the beat’. I loved it but when I played it after every song in that album, it just didn’t fit, so I decided before I just wasted the song, I would it give it someone who can use it. In this case it was Justin Bieber.”

In other terms, Zedd probably saw a flash of greenbacks by Bieber’s label = Cash money dollar dollar bills y’all.

Did you see Zedd’s amazing live performance on Jimmy Fallon?


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